Monday, November 29, 2010

The Innermost Thought of Chinese High School Students

Ohio is a pleasure ground with its children running and screaming all the time.


"The instant her hands touch my chest when I ultimately understand where my richness really laid on."

I dare not say I am the best student in my class, but I dare say I am the best student in history.

“‘Oh, who cares about that. If you really want to, just come on. He pretended to be a child who had been horrored欺负 by me, which made me laugh in my beard.”


I don't have my own point and always flow with the crowd. It makes me always be influenced by the surrounding environment.

I think making friends is one of the best way to improve the relationship between a people and another people.

"Deciding to go abroad to study really has a great impact on my life. For achieving this dream, I need to go abroad to study."


Beside this, my distinctive macbook pro and its fascinating desktop also show my diversity.

As kant said “an elict clear his visions, disturb someone ‘s the attraction in each of the word pairs listed here, conseluses the flaunt the your immient laughter council jacket talents


"The author of this book is called ‘Qian Sima’. He was persecuted by the king and suffered a bitter penalty that cut his penis. At last, I quoted a sentence in his book: inherent in a person die or again in Taishan or lighter than a feather."

I had great sympathy in Taliban.


Thirdly. I met a girl when I had classes out of school months before. The girl was not very beautiful but gives a fresh feeling.

I devote myself in my favorite subject. Then I want to find a good job which I am really interested in. And for my outstanding behavior during the work, the pay for me should be higher every year. Before 35 I find a girl and married with her. We can have a baby.

Barnes[C1] said[C2] “you must usually get communicated with your member efficiently and conformably, in addition, you should also be a good listener.” And I agreed with him.

[C1]Who is Barnes?

I fabricated this name.

[C2]Did you also fabricate the quote?

Remember that, that’s really make sense. [C1]

[C1]What do you mean by that? Does this sentence add additional meaning to this paragraph?

No, it doesn’t. It’s meanless.


For some reason, such as my family or my genius on something I can still be better than them.


I've heard a question: If you are the only one left on the earth, what will you choose to do? My selection is: commit a suiside.

Just like to choose an online game or a consolegame, I would denfinitely choose the online game.


If one succeeds, he could easily share his happiness with his partner, but if one loses, he must not only blame on his partner, but also take on the responsibility he should assume, especially his partner is a girl.

I comforted her, even feeling terrible myself, for I think a girl is more sensitive at this kind of time. Many of the partners quarreled after their loss, but she and I still kept to the imitated friendship…”

Having experience for so many times, I knew that it was the best time for me to come.

"Also, after being accustomed to the boarder life, I soon regarded the school as my home, my classmates as my family members, and now in senior 3, three of my best-best friends are all my old Grade 6 classmates, we have the privates that others don’t."

"It is truly not about my rudeness or crankiness to those schools, I just cannot accept. (SO SORRY)."


I still remember the day we went to school for the blind. There was a girl whose name is Ziyi. No language can describe how excited she was when she knew we came to play with them. She was so proud to show us her dance, her songs, her flute play. When we about to leave, Ziyi gave us a letter written in blind language.


It all began after ten years in the same body, I started to notice the slight and embarrassed difference occurring on my body day after day: protrude on my chest was becoming more prominent!

Sorry for making so much grammer mistakes...

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